1. @MsChristinaR helping out on set of the Maasai shoot!


  2. Beads on Beads on Beads #HighlyEndangered #TheMaasai


  3. Now here is a model who goes hard for her job! Dani lightening her brows for the shoot! Don’t try this on your own. We were lucky to have Merrell. Follow him on twitter @makeupbymerrell

    Stay tuned for posts on each beauty look of the shoot!


  4. Dani getting primped by Dante Blandshaw - the hair stylist behind each of the looks you will see featured in the Highly Endangered: Maasai Campaign. Follow him on twitter @DantesVision


  5. Meet Sam! The stylist behind the looks of the Highly Endangered: Maasai campaign @SammyJoFruition


  6. The beautiful Dani Evans on set shooting the Highly Endangered campaign @Only1danie


  7. Dope Photograph of Gisele Bündchen and Keseme Ole Parsapaet (Maasai) used in the 2007 RED American Express campaign “my card” (referring to the supermodel), “my life” (referring to the Maasai warrior)